The Brigg's Story

Randy BriggsIn 1961, Ugashik Wild Salmon owner Roland Briggs' mother, Randy, sent her family jars of home canned salmon from Alaska as Christmas gifts. Her brother, Dr.Theron G. Randolph, an eminent allergist from Chicago, liked the salmon so much that he tested it on some of his extremely chemically sensitive patients. He found it to be the only canned seafood that they could tolerate. This was just what he had been looking for -- a source of chemically uncontaminated seafood for his chemically sensitive patients.

Randy was surprised to receive a letter from him telling the family that he had arranged to show their natural Alaska salmon at the Natural Food and Farming National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. The response at the convention was so overwhelming that Roland's parents decided to set up a small hand pack salmon processing plant in order to make this salmon available to persons desiring fine quality seafood free of chemical contaminants.

Roland's mom and dad, Randy and Roger retired from Briggs Way Company operation in 1993. Roland took over the processing operation at that time and renamed the company Ugashik Wild Salmon Co. We continue to provide fine quality thermally processed salmon in glass. Many long time Alaskan salmon fishermen consider Ugashik Wild Salmon to be THE finest commercially processed salmon available.

As the second generation of Briggs' grow the company, they have added wholesale fresh, frozen and other seafood products.

Our Process

There are many elements of our process which help produce an excellent product that not only tastes good but also retains the benefits of the wild caught fish. First, the time from sea to icing the fish is literally minutes as we catch our fish right in front of our cannery.

We buy from local fishermen who have ice on board their boats and are harvesting the fish directly into slush ice.

Studies by a number of universities and seafood specialist have found that the quality of the fish start to diminish if not chilled within hours. The loss of Omega-3 and taste can be lost very quickly without proper handling. Our fishermen make a number of deliveries over the course of the day to our processing plant to off load their chilled fish.

Most large operations experience a few hour delay before the fish are chilled and up to days before they are processed. The vast majority of Bristol Bay fish are still caught some distance from the processing plants and must wait days before they are transported to those plants.

Second, the fish are inspected, butchered and steam cooked. Each fish is carefully washed in pure water, (not chlorinated). The skin and bones are separated from the meat. The meat is inspected for bruises and imperfections before being packed in glass jars and thermally processed. If salt is used, pure solar evaporated salt is placed into the bottom of the jars before packing. After the salmon is thermally processed, each jar is inspected for imperfections before labeled and packed for shipping. Our glass jars are BPA-free. We also use a non-additive paper barrier between the fish and metal lid to avoid contact with the metal lid, which are made in France.

We do offer wholesale quantities of fresh and frozen H&G. Wholesale quantities of jarred salmon are also available. Please contact us directly at for more information.